The Advantages Of Multi Unit Investing

In multi-unit investment or investing in apartments, the number of tenants is more as compared to single-family units. Therefore, the amount of cash flow is much greater as well. This helps to pay off the mortgage on the building much faster. Even for the maintenance work, with all the people paying, the money is pooled together. This makes it much easier to take care of the maintenance work of the tenanted premises. Since the payout by the tenants each month is big, it always ensures money left over, which is available for reinvestment.

It is best to create a strategy and acquire a multi-unit to house four families. This would fall in the eligibility criteria for getting a residential mortgage and would give the advantage of lower interest rates. By increasing the number of properties through multiunits, the level of income increases. You could hire the services of management companies to take care of the properties, remaining free from any direct contact with the tenants. The option is profitable in terms of retail, wholesale and lease, as compared to single-family houses.

There are a number of advantages to investment in multiunit houses, over single-family houses. The first advantage is the greater cash flow. The simple reason is that there are more tenants and so the rental amount generated is more. Another reason is that it cuts down your risk. For example, if you have three tenants living under one roof, even if you lose a tenant, you still have two to contribute towards the rent and take care of the expenses incurred. But, in the case of a single-family unit, you lose the full rent until you manage to re-rent the property, which in many cases could be equal to or more than your profit for the whole year. The cost of maintenance is also considerably less for multiunit buildings than for single-family houses.

Six single houses would require replacement or repairs of six roofs and six lawns, spread all over the city. Whereas on a multiunit, you would have just one roof and one lawn to be maintained, making the maintenance economical. Even the acquiring of a multiunit is much easier, as everybody seems to be interested in getting hold of single-family houses and hence there is much less competition. Competition drives the prices of single-family houses. Depending on market conditions, multiunits would be comparatively cheaper than single-family houses.

Triplex or duplex houses may be available for approximately the same price as a single-family house, but would earn you rent from two tenants with the same amount of mortgage payment. This boils down to positive cash inflow, which is of prime consideration in real estate investing. Most of the smart real estate investors have multiunits in their portfolios, along with single-family houses, which create a much better portfolio. Your cash flow will be larger, allowing you to hire professional services to manage your properties and tenants. This leaves you with enough time to concentrate on other important business.
Investing in multiunit properties is an option that offers much higher returns, as compared to investment in single-family units. Smart real estate investors make sure that the multi-units are a part of their portfolio, along with single-family units.

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Online Real Estate Rentals The Other Side Of The Real Estate Market

If you are a renter who is looking for a property and is wondering where the best rental results can be obtained, the answer lies in the following article and it is mainly related to the amazing technology of the Internet. Online, you can find homes for rent that best suits your needs, at a price that is right for you and at any location that you find convenient. Plus, you can do all the searching on your computer and that is actually great.
Esteemed real estate companies have realized the importance of the World Wide Web and started to advertise their services online, allowing customers to search easily apartments for rent and other similar properties. The best thing is that you get accurate and up-to-date information about a wide variety of properties, including photos and many details you might be interested in. The websites are easy to navigate, especially since they provide the possibility of an advanced search.
Some of the most popular properties that people search for online are vacation rentals. By using the advanced search option, you can get a hold of diverse possibilities that will make your next vacation a true dream. As an alternative to expensive and not so comfortable hotel rooms, vacation rentals come with all the amenities you could think of and they offer all the privacy you need. The price is great and so is the accommodation. Think about it; why not spend your next holiday in a true vacation home? With vacation rentals listings, you can find the property you wish for and make sure that your holiday experience is unique.
Still, when it comes to real estate rentals, vacation homes are not the only kind of properties you can find online. Basically, you can find any type of house for rent and attached to it, a detailed description. When it comes to home rentals, you can choose between apartments, townhouses, condos, duplexes and even fourplexes. There are properties for single or multi-family living, some for short rental terms and others for corporate housing. Apartments for rent can be furnished or not and they can include a balcony, hardwood flooring and garage parking. Depending on the neighborhood and certain other details (including amenities), the price will vary and you will be presented with several possibilities. It is up to you to make the final decision and this is where the advanced search option comes in hand. It will help you narrow down your search and provide you with the kind of property you need.
There are certain things that need to be kept in mind about rental homes. The most important ones are related to the city and state you want to live in, price ranges and accommodations. Online, you can find properties with various bedrooms and baths, dining room and refurbished basement. You will find properties with rooms that have high ceilings and large windows to provide enough light. There are also details about available schools in the area, shops and permanent maintenance. The Internet provides you every detail regarding the property you are planning to rent. Prestigious companies are ready to present you a wide offer and all the details you need, requiring of you just a dash of patience and determination.

Top 10 List On Buying Apartments

In these tough economic times, people are looking for sound investment opportunities. People desire investments that are low risk but yield great returns. Such opportunities are hard to come by.

Owning multifamily properties offers you the best of both worlds. Here are 10 advantages of owning multifamily properties.

1. You can outsource your property management to professionals. This allows you to go on vacation.

2. You can buy with none of your own cash. It is easier to get financing on apartments than on single family homes. The more money you borrow, the less that banks look at your credit. You can raise private money to cover any cash requirements.

3. Apartments are made to cash flow even with nothing down which means that there is one roof with maybe twenty apartments under it as opposed to one house with one roof. Houses are made to be bought and sold to homeowners. You can convert them to rental properties but apartments are designed to be income-producing properties.

4. You receive better leverage of your time and effort. It is much easier to maintain a 10 unit apartment building than it is to maintain 10 single family houses.

5. The value of income properties is based on the income. It is a function of the net operating income and you can create value by raising the rents and cutting the expenses. You will then know how to invest your money and your time.

6. Less competition. There are fewer people out doing multifamily deals than single family deals because they lack specialized knowledge and they lack mindset.

7. There is less risk. You have less risk from the standpoint that you have multiple tenants and multiple revenue streams. An apartment is a business. When you lose your single family home tenant, you have to feed the house mortgage. There is mitigated risk through apartments.

8. Non-recourse financing. The larger amount you ask to borrow, the easier it is to borrow. When you get to borrowing two million dollars and above, it becomes non-recourse financing and this means the asset is the sole security for the loan. There is no one personally guaranteeing the loan.

9. Condo conversion. You can convert your multifamily apartment buildings into condominiums. It is a different strategy because you are putting all of your cash forward and then pulling out. It is not a long-term hold strategy.

10. The sub prime lender bust. With sub prime mortgage lenders falling out of the market, there are people who cannot qualify for houses and foreclosures are up. This means that the demand for rentals is going up.

Buying multifamily properties allows you to have low risk and great return for your investment. If you are looking for an investment vehicle, multifamily property investing is a great way to go.

Best Small City: Outdoor Living In Allen Texas

When Money Magazine compiled a list of America’s 100 Best Small Cities for its July 12, 2010 issue, Allen, Texas didn’t just make the cut — it placed at 16th, a surprise to some people who do not know about this thriving community of 78,000 lying just 23 miles north of the sprawling Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.

Although Allen is a suburb of the third largest city in Texas (and ninth largest in the United States), its local life stands on its own, vibrantly independent of its bigger neighbors. Thanks to the regional climate and to well-planned and maintained facilities, a major draw for singles and families relocating to Dallas and it surrounding communities is the fact that in Allen, you can live an active, outdoor lifestyle — and live it well.

** Regional Climate Favors Active, Outdoor Lifestyle **

The climate in North Texas favors being outside most of the year. Springs are long and warm, while the autumn months are moderate to crisp. The coldest months are late January and February when at least one snow or ice event is common. The hottest months are July and August, with severe heat waves that generally extend over the first two to three weeks of August when temperatures are 100 degrees or higher with unpleasant humidity. Fortunately, for those periods, sports and outdoor enthusiasts can simply move indoors to beat the heat, confident that pleasant temperatures will soon return and extend to Thanksgiving and occasionally into early December.

** Twin Creeks, One of 154 Public Golf Courses **

There are an amazing 154 public golf courses within just 30 miles of Allen. As an example, the Twin Creeks Golf Course is an 18-hole regulation course built in 1995. Designed by Arnold Palmer, it offers a medium-length layout. Open fairways lead to generous, gently undulating greens. Five holes include water hazards created by two natural creeks that freely flow through the course and are flanked by trees. Twin Creeks has a reputation for being the most naturally preserved course in Texas, a peaceful setting where, at given times of the day, golfers are allowed to walk for slightly reduced green fees. The cost of 18-holes of play runs from $55 to $70.

** Generous-Sized, Free Facilities at Celebration Park **

Located at Malone Drive and Angel Parkway, Celebration Park is open daily from dawn to dusk. The sprawling multi-use site offers picnic tables and benches, restrooms, and concession areas and is designed for universal access throughout. There are fifteen soccer fields, including one large, lighted field. Look for basketball courts, two 300-foot baseball fields, and a big multi-sport court. Both horseshoe and washer pitching courts are also available. In addition to slides and other play features, the spray pool and yard, which is open seasonally, welcomes kids ages 2 to 12 from noon until 8 p.m. (Note that the spray pool is closed on Wednesdays.) With hiking and biking trails also present, Celebration Park is an excellent and economical outdoor option for the whole family.

** Joe Farmer Recreation Center for Fitness and Activities **

A multi-use center maintained by the City of Allen, the Joe Farmer Recreation Center includes a full-sized gym and fitness room, two racquetball courts, and a walking / jogging track. Meeting spaces and a hillside amphitheater may be utilized for a range of activities. Youth programs cover a broad spectrum from horseback riding to hula dancing and fitness and wellness classes are also offered. A membership is required to use the facility with different fees for residents and non-residents. Adult memberships are $50 for residents and $85 for non-residents; seniors 50 and above $24 and $45 respectively; youth 14-17 also pay $24 and $45; with children 7 to 13 charged $12 to $17. Children 6 and under are welcome for free. There is a family membership cap for residents of $170, but no cap for non-residents.

** Cycling, Hiking, and Water Sports Readily Available **

Biking and hiking enthusiasts are especially lucky to have access to a 20-mile long system of well-tended trails, the lengthiest being the fourteen-mile Allen Parkway Loop. For water sports, Allen residents can go east to Lake Lavon or west to Lake Lewisville. Each covers more than 20,000 acres and both are major centers in North Texas for fishing, boating, and all manner of water sports.

Allen’s community spirit, evidenced by these outdoor venues — many of which are free public spaces — work hand in hand with strong regional real estate values to make Allen an above average relocation choice. The DFW Metroplex is the 12th largest metro economy in the world, and, as a satellite to that urban area, Allen, is a natural choice for families and singles who want to buy or lease a home in North Texas.

Town House Floor Plan | Row Houses For Urban Dwellers

There are many advantages to town house floor plans, particularly for renters and urban dwellers. Years ago, this type of floor plan was known as a “row house.” Townhouses are generally multi-story units that are attached to units on either side give you neighbors living closely together similar to apartment style housing. Once found in abundance in large cities, townhouses can be found all over the country.

Town house floor plans offer more advantages than apartments in several ways. Because they are multiple units arranged in a row, townhouses generally have a single entry per unit and therefore allow for more privacy than living in an apratment building. They also tend to have more square footage of living space per unit than apartments although townhouses are smaller than duplexes. Town house floor plan designs are also more varied than apartments.

Most townhouses are arranged in typical fashion with living spaces on the bottom floor and sleeping spaces on the top floor. The number of bedrooms can vary from one to three and the number of bathrooms generally varies from one to two and a half bathrooms per unit.

While the number of bedrooms and bathrooms can vary, almost all townhouse floor plans have garages,patios and at least one walk-in closet. Kitchen can be traditional, galley style, or in the case of a very large floor plan, an island kitchen. It is also possible to have a fireplace with openings toward both the living room and kitchen giving it an old world feel.

Although townhouses are also known as “row houses”, some current configurations include one unit per side and others have two side-by-side units facing front and two more units on the back side. Whatever your choice, town house floor plans offer a wide variety of options for singles, couples and small families.

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